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The Insurance Act, 1938 | Case Reference

The Insurance Act, 1938  

Section 47B 

Sree Hari Sankar Nandi Majumder vs Sree Promode Chandra Roy Choudhury and 47 DLR (AD) 97 between Sadharan Bima Corporations Vs. Sanjib Kumar Das. 

The word action or suit appearing in clause 8(b) should not be interpreted as having identical meaning and the word action would include legal notice served by the insured on the insurer. Chalna Marine Products vs Bangladesh General Insurance Co. Ltd (Mainur Reza Chowdhury J) (Civil) 2ADC 96  

The Insurance Act, 1938

The appellant's company was not accorded permission for registration to: carry on the business of general insurance....(2) N.A. Choudhury vs. The Controller of Insurance (Amirul Kabir Chowdhury J) (Civil) 5 ADC 588

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